7 Delicious Recipes You’ll Want at Your Next Holiday Soiree

Whether you are hosting or an invited guest, spice up your holiday gatherings with these delightfully delectable bacon-filled recipes and keep party-goers chatting about you well into the New Year, and not because of what you did at the company Christmas party. Don’t forget to take a pic and tag us on the Gram at @the.baconer Enjoy!

1. Pull-Apart Bacon Bread  

This 5 ingredient recipe (or 7 if you sprinkle it with garlic and chives) calls for frozen bread dough aka a quick cook's best friend – especially when you think outside the traditional bread box. Super quick and easy this bread is delicious fresh out of the oven or the morning after with your eggs and makes the perfect appetizer or hostess gift. So…What are you waiting for? Get to bacon! *pun totally intended


      2. Chocolate Covered Bacon Strips

      You know those boring pretzel sticks folks try to jazz up during the holidays by dipping them in chocolate? Even though they look good, when you bite into them, they still somehow taste just like a powdered cardboard box. Yeah, these aren’t that. Imagine chopped dried apple chips atop a milk chocolatey bacon strip giving you all the cozy feels of the Holiday Season in a single bite. Or better yet imagine toasted coconut, smokey bacon and crystallized ginger transporting you to a tropical paradise, while “Baby It’s Cold Outside” plays on Spotify. Are you there? Good, that’s what this is. You can even give your strips a dash of cayenne for a Spiced Hot Chocolate flair.


      3. Savory Bacon Popcorn Ball

      Bacon and Cheese in a popcorn ball…I mean what else is there to say really? These little guys pack a mean punch. And by pack I mean they are stuffed with yummy goodness. Garlic powder, chili powder, chipotle powder, and paprika are just a few of the ingredients included in these savory popcorn balls. Serve them warm or make them ahead of time and pack them up for travel. Either way, they are so good you won’t want to share…but please do. It shows you’re a kind human being.


      4. Bacon Infused Manhattan Cocktail

      Apparently, you shouldn’t bother Santa with milk this year. He wants this cocktail with his cookies instead. This recipe calls for all the makings of a classic Manhattan, bitters, zest of orange, Maraschino cherries but with one little twist…bacon-infused bourbon. Yes, please!


      5. Epic Breakfast Charcuterie Board 

      Entertaining friends or family for a holiday brunch? This gorgeous board has all the makings of a perfect Sunday morning, any of our amazing cuts would fit on this beauty. Don’t forget the bacon jam!


      6. Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

      What’s the only thing that can make pieces of chocolate held together by sugar, flour, and butter taste better? BACON, obviously (That was a rhetorical question.) The salty/sweet combo of these Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies will toy with your taste buds, making it nearly impossible to eat just one. Go ahead and eat 2. We promise not to tell.


      7. Bacon Deviled Eggs

       Ah, the deviled egg, a Classic American party staple. These are the way to go if you’re entertaining groups of any size. They’re inexpensive, they can be made in huge quantities without much effort and you can jazz them up with a few simple ingredients. Make ‘em fancy and whip your yolks for a smooth creamy filling and pipe it onto your eggy boats or mash your yolks with a fork for a more rustic look, either way, add lots of bacon. No one will bat an eyelash about any additional time spent making them look like more than just an open-faced hard-boiled egg.


      If you're looking for a holiday gifts we’re sure your host or hostess would be equally impressed if you brought them a big box of bacon to say thank you. Say "Happy Holidays" with the Bacon Trifecta (so they can sample our 3 favorite cuts). Or make them drool with the Mega Bacon Box. You can thank us later.


      Boxed bacon as a Christmas gift a little too out of the box for you? Say no more. Our gift certificates are hot and ready for sending. Get one here. Happiest Holidays from The Baconer!