7 Facts about The Baconer as told by Mama Bacon

Mother's Day is giving us all the feels. Looking back we can’t help but sigh and smile thinking about all the tender mama moments. It was she who held it together long enough to wipe away your tears when you fell off the jungle gym. It was her who consoled your first heartbreak and told you “They weren’t good enough for you, anyway”. She was there to cook you countless bacon breakfasts, bacon brunches, bacon lunches...oh you get the picture. It's only right that we take the time to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mothers Day!

We recently cozied up with The Baconer and his mama and asked her some questions about his life pre-bacon. *Spoiler alert, he had no recollection of life before bacon. Below is a little about the wind beneath The Baconer’s wings and what she had to say about our guy.

The Baconer and His Mom

  1. Her name is Heidi Tarver and she currently has one pack of bacon in her freezer. Maple is her favorite! She bought said bacon from her local grocery store and she did not use her Friends and Family discount. "I'm supporting The Cause." she said, "And when I go to Berkeley Bowl I count how many packages are there and I compare to the last time I was there."
  2. Although The Baconer had 17 years in the luxury leather goods game, this venture was no surprise to her. "I would say it didn't seem out of left field (to me) because he'd been interested in starting a business in the food space for a while and talked about different possibilities.”
  3. In 2011 The Baconer was a part of an underground Supper Club in the super cool Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. Feeding neighborhood folks 5-7 course meals, complete with a wine pairing in his chic shared industrial loft apartment. It was here that The Baconer started learning to cure his own meats. By invitation only groups of 10-20 would clamor to join these monthly gatherings hosted by The Baconer, his lovely wife The Baconette, and their chef and restaurateur friends Steve and Emily.
  4. It seems he's always been obsessed with pork. His favorite meal as a kid was his mama's pork chops. "There were other things too, but she used to make pork chops with this really yummy sauce."
  5. He cooked his first real meal when he was 17...for his mother...on Mother's Day. *Insert weeping eyes here. "He made me a Spanish Tortilla and Beer Battered Shrimp. That was really a pivotal meal. It really was a turning point for him. I think that's when he knew he loved to cook. Although he did catch the kitchen on fire once."
  6. He was a spirited little boy with some pretty extraordinary interests."He used to sing with the San Francisco Boys Choir, that was really fun...until his voice changed. He loved opera music, and cars, no sports though. Thank god." Mama says he was also so loud and rambunctious she couldn't even take him out to a restaurant for four years as a kid. Would you believe it?
  7. With many amazing accomplishments under his belt, this mama has got a lot to be proud of. What makes her the proudest? How great of a dad The Baconer is to his piglets. "I am just so proud of the way he fathers his kids. I love watching him with them. He's so patient and kind and understanding. He's good at explaining things to them. That's what makes me the proudest because he didn't have an example of what that looked like. He didn't have a dad to teach him how to be a dad." Maybe not but it seems he had exactly what he needed. "I had a mom teaching me how to be a dad." And a kick-ass one at that.

Thank you, Heidi, for always encouraging The Baconer to chase his dreams. Without you, there'd be no us. We're eternally indebted to you.

Heidi Tarvers’ got her bacon. Do you? If you haven't bought mama the perfect gift we've got a couple of suggestions for you. They all begin with the letter 'B'.

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