7 Recipes with BBQ Bacon Ends

Super Bowl season is upon us and no matter what team you pledge your allegiance to, we can all agree that bacon is the real top-dog. So in true Baconer fashion we've compiled a list of Super Bowl worthy snacks made with our BBQ Bacon Ends that'll make even the fiercest football rivals wanna join hands and sing Kumbaya.

If you've been caught unaware of our World Famous BBQ Bacon Ends, shame on you. No, just kidding, but please, allow us to enlighten you. Inspired by Burnt Ends made by pit masters around the globe, we've made this BBQ favorite 1000% better by replacing the traditional brisket ends with meaty chunks of our sweet & smoky bacon and coating them in a spicy tangy Oakland-style BBQ sauce. Swoon for swine!

Now for a little tutorial on how to prepare them. We recommend using an oven because, 1. It's simple and 2. It's effective: while preheating an oven to 420 degrees, prepare a baking sheet with a lip and line it with foil to trap the grease. Spread your BBQ Bacon Ends around the sheet. While you wait for the oven to say “Hurry up, put that bacon in me!”, imagine how delicious your BBQ Bacon Ends are going to taste when they are done. When the oven is ready, cook the BBQ Bacon Ends for 20-25 minutes and you’re good to go.

Now as promised 7 ways to devour, your BBQ Bacon Ends.

  1. Be a BBQ Bacon End Purest and eat them sans the fuss. Sub out those cocktail weenies for these meaty morsels. Pop them in the oven and serve them hot on a toothpick! We promise you’ll never go back to weenies again unless of course they’re wrapped in bacon. BBQ Bacon Ends
  2. Pizza with BBQ Bacon Ends Who says pizza can’t be an appetizer? Try our BBQ Bacon Ends Pizza for a sweet, smoky, savory sensation! Don't forget to cut your pizza into squares instead of slices so everyone can enjoy a bite-sized taste of BBQ deliciousness. 
  3. Mac and Cheese with BBQ Bacon Ends: This recipe calls for meaty morsels of sweet & smoky BBQ Bacon Ends, atop melty Mac and Cheese. Each fatty, super-tender BBQ Bacon End adds an extra layer of chewy, charred delight to this classic comfort food. Depending on who you’re rooting for this season you may need it...you know...for comfort. 
  4. BBQ Bacon End Kababs: Get ready to turn your kitchen into a kababary! This go-to kabab is the perfect Super Bowl party snack! Our BBQ Bacon End Kebabs with Pineapple encapsulate everything great about both bacon and barbecue in a few chewy bites! Quick easy and yummy these easy 30 min kebabs are sure to be a hit. 
  5. BBQ Bacon End Kimchi Taco: Built on a mini tortilla, this bite-sized taco is a great game day appetizer. The BBQ Bacon Ends and kimchi integrate spectacularly, and the kimchi brings the perfect crunch & tang to the sweet smoky bacon. Add some cilantro and Mexican crema and you're in business. 
  6. BBQ Bacon End Sliders: We've taken all the work out of making these yummy little sliders. Pop your ends in the oven, stack your buns high with our BBQ Bacon Burnt Ends and top with pickled red onions! You can use any bun you'd like but toasted Hawaiian rolls are our favorite.
  7. Burnt End Potato Bombs: Ahh, Potato Skins! The snack that can be found at any Super Bowl party from here to New England. But we guarantee you've never had 'em like this! Stuffed with Bacon Burnt Ends these ooey-gooey, bacon-y potato bombs are so irresistible, you may want to make a double batch! Prepare to have your mind blown! 

Don't forget to get your pack of BBQ Bacon Ends!