Top 10 Favorite Bacon-inspired Meals for Spring

Bacon—It’s Not Just for Breakfast!

Did you know that 65% of Americans said they would support bacon as the national food.* This is, of course, a reason for celebration because our mission at The Baconer is: "to help people rediscover America's favorite food—BACON!”™ Even more exciting is the fact that most folks, including #foodies, #homecooks and #chefs view bacon as more than just a breakfast staple, by fully embracing it as a food that can be enjoyed at any (and sometimes every) meal—breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Today, people are infusing bacon into family recipes and classic dishes—ranging from pasta and polenta to ramen and salads—as well as inventing seriously creative ways to enjoy this absurdly delicious meat. Right on!

Pandemic Pantry Pleaser

And, what’s more, during the pandemic, bacon has continued to reign as one of the most popular pantry staples—featured in publications, podcasts, promotions, broadcasts, and more. But, this isn’t news to us, or you, now is it?!. It’s continued to grow in popularity and products. Celebrities and chefs alike tout the fabulosity of bacon (Chrissy Teigen @chrissyteigen, Jo Stougarrd @MyLastBite, Valerie Bertinelli @wolfiesmom, Ina Garten @inagarten, Guy Fieri, @guyfieri, Alton Brown @altonbrown to name a few.)

Bacon + TODAY! Show and Nike

We’ve seen bacon appear everywhere including on top-rated shows and shoes! One of our favorite bacon moments took place at the start of 2021 on the TODAY! Show (@todayshow). Continuing the wonderful tradition started by Williard Scott, Al Roker (@alroker) and Smucker’s (@smuckersbrand) honor our country’s sweetest centenarians in a segment called “Smucker's Celebrates TODAY.” It was in early January 2021 that we discovered La Vera Larson of Turlock, CA who shared her secret to her longevity was that she eats bacon every day. If that’s not the best PR and endorsement for eating bacon, we don’t know what is!

Smucker's Celebrates TODAY, Birthdays, 100 Years, Today Show


 And, heading into March, #Nike got sneakerheads salivating with its “new retro” sneaker—the Nike Air Max 90 “Bacon”. “While the base of the shoe is white, the overlays consist of brown, pink, and red, which are all colors that would represent a cut of bacon or any other sort of pork-related product. Longtime sneakerheads will be salivating to get their hands on these, …” Um, can we get a few pairs!?! (photo credit: sneaker freak.4u)


Nike Air Max 90 "Bacon" Retro Sneaker
So, all this is simply our way of saying, we fully endorse the deliciousness of bacon! BTW. we’re toying with starting a campaign to officially nominate bacon as America’s favorite food—since it clearly has a great deal of support—but in the meantime, we thought we’d activate our nomination at the grassroots level with some of our most beloved recipes to help you leap into springtime cooking! #VoteBacon #AmericasFavoriteFood

Top 10 Favorite Bacon-inspired Meals for Spring

Kale Caesar salad made with Smoked Lardons
Kale Caeser Salad

Oysters Rockefeller with Bacon
Oysters Rockefeller

Bacon Sous Vide Egg Cups

Bacon Sous Vide Egg Cups

Deviled Eggs with Bacon

Deviled Eggs

Bacon Monte Cristo

Bacon-Wrapped Carrots
Bacon-Wrapped Carrots

Bacon-wrapped hot dogs
Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

Bloody Mary garnished with Smoked Bacon Lardons
Bloody Mary Garnished with Lardons

BBQ Bacon End Kabobs with Pineapple
Bacon End Kabobs

Maple Bacon Ice Cream


* Source: Craig Smith/DMR