Cooking with lardons: Recipes and Tips

There’s one thing I love to talk about...and craft...and cook with...and eat...24/7...and that's BACON! Surprised?! ;) And it’s clear I’m not alone. Our #BaconFam community continues to grow with all kinds of amazing posts and conversations about how to cook amazing meals with bacon. Even celebrities like Al Roker (@alroker) and Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen) are makin’ bacon in their Instagram feeds this week (and you thought I was going to say Kevin! @kevinbacon). Having gone deep into the tasty world of bacon cookery, I think it’s abundantly clear why bacon is the ultimate ingredient for all kinds of dishes, and today I'm focusing on how to add some oomph with the noble Smoked Lardon. Lardons are the greatest excuse I know to not only get cooking in the first place, but to eat the best cut of bacon ever! In "All you need to know about bacon lardons" I shared why lardons are the new best thing you can’t live without.

Life with the lardon
Imagine the possibilities of life with the lardon: what was once a plate of bacon, eggs, and toast now might become egg-in-the-hole with savory bites of our Smoked Lardons copiously sprinkled atop the eggs and bread! Or, how about starting your day with Bacon Hash & Confit Potatoes! Something about smoky lardons and potatoes, cooked with savory herbs and piled high on crunchy toast with eggs and hot sauce just makes everything feel right, especially if there were a few drinks involved the night before. Bonus: bacon is a known cure for hangovers!


Bring home The Bacon(er)
To embark on this culinary journey, first head to our online shop where you can purchase Smoked Lardons on their own or in several packages including our newly launched Strip Club, The Bacon Lovers Package, Mega Box, The Trifecta, Grill Masters, 4 Packs, and also in Bulk. For those that like to cut their own, I highly recommend the 2.5 lbs Bacon Slabs so you've got a bit of everything on-demand. Next, let’s explore the best way to cook the lardon because I know it’s high time for everyone to enjoy these rich, crispy, chewy flavor bombs! (Are ya’ drooling yet?!)

What's the best way to cook lardons?
In the relentless pursuit of bacon superiority, I’ll let you in on my preferred stovetop cooking method. Start with a cold pan and the lardons laid out with just enough water to cover the bottom. Set heat to medium-high and simmer off the water, allowing the lardons to braise a bit before frying. After the water has cooked off, lower the heat to medium, and slowly crisp the first side. Once crisped to your liking, flip and finish the other side. Coming off your frying pan, each lardon is a crispy, chewy flavor bomb, perfectly balanced with a caramelized outer shell and a soft chewy middle that will have you licking your plate like no one’s watching! (BTW if you do end up licking your plate—and I’m pretty sure you will—please send a video!)

How to cook bacon lardons


Lardons are sure to add a punch to any dish. I love using lardons as a base for stewed black beans, or swapping them for pork belly in a pork belly taco (also saving you close to 3 1/2 hours!). They also make a sumptuous replacement for croutons, according to our gluten-free Bacon Whisperer. So often, when it comes to bacon we go straight to the familiar recipes, and while we think these are great, picking up a package of lardons opens up a whole new universe of culinary options. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to cook with lardons. (Tip for the #BaconFam: be sure to cook a few extra lardons, especially if you have kids in the house because lardons are great to snack on while you prep and while they wait!)

Baked beans with bacon lardons

Pork and beans go together like peanut butter and bacon jam, and frankly, we adore any dish that includes our favorite meat of all time. For a down to earth no nonsense combo that's simple but feeds the soul, this one's a winner every time. And since we like you, and you need to treat yo' self every once in a while, we're getting a little fancy by giving you the French take on this cozy comfort food.

BACON SKILLET CORNBREAD WITH JALAPEÑOS Cornbread with bacon lardonsCornbread is a delicious accompaniment to any meal although the debate over proper cornbread is quite controversial. Is it sweet or is it savory? Do you blend in sugar or molasses? Should you add actual corn kernels, cheese, peppers or even bacon? (Yes! Duh. Always add bacon.) Here's our take on this delish dish.


We love making Tortilla Española because, like many of the classics, it’s built on a few simple ingredients that, when combined in just the right way, make fireworks in your mouth. Plus your kids will like it, so there’s that. It’s a dish that gets better with time, so if you’re one of those cooks with advanced planning powers (we’re more of the fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants variety) it can be made a day ahead, but at the very least you’re in for some amazing leftovers if your dinner guests don’t completely clean you out.

raceltte with lardonsWhat the heck is raclette? Glad you asked. In our version, this fondue-esq culinary creation features sweet buttery potatoes bathed in melty, ooey-gooey Alps-originated cheese known for its melting ability (aka. raclette). All topped with cornichons and Smoky Paprika Lardons.

Salad with bacon lardonsLooking for something light, and bright topped with smoky lardons to carry you through to dinner? Voilà! Prepared to be inspired—after all, why should Parisians have all the frisée fun!

Fried rice with bacon lardonsSpice up leftover rice with lardons, shrimp and any veggies you have in your fridge. In this recipe we use sweet peas, mushrooms, and scallions but you can also use bell peppers, carrots, green beans...the list goes on...just make sure to cut it into bite-size pieces.

Bloody Mary Bacon GarnishWho doesn’t love a meal in a glass?! That’s what our take on the Bloody Mary is since we top it with, what else, lardons! The Baconer Bloody Mary can stand on its own, but is also a tasty intro to a weekend breakfast, brunch or lunch! The recipe serves one, but obviously, you’ll want to double this recipe ‘cause who likes drinking alone?

Jalapeno bacon poppersJalapeño poppers are pretty fantastic by themselves. Let’s break it down into the core ingredients. First, you have jalapeños, which are one of the greatest natural wonders on the planet, perhaps even the galaxy. Then you have a variety of cheeses melted on them. Seemingly a perfect combination, correct? Ah, but there’s one simple trick to make it that much better: add bacon. In this case, we recommend our bacon lardons.

This chicken dinner is easy and fast and packs a big flavor punch thanks to the lardons! We toss all our favorite ingredients together—which, of course, means bacon— to create a simple supper solution!

Peanut Butter Jelly BaconPsst...the bacon in this case = lardons. What happens when two American classics meet? There is an your mouth. We never tire of bacon ‘round here, and we have a thing for PB&J, so what better way to take our favorites then mix them into a sweet-n-salty, savory combo that’s great any time of the day!

Pasta with baconTry this quick and easy pasta dish with bacon instead of pancetta. Our lardons make this timeless standard into the new and exciting version of tasty goodness.

I think it’s abundantly obvious why we should all be cooking more with lardons! Whether you’re popping a bowl of fried lardons like its Chex Mix or hosting an event that will leave them drooling for more or in charge of bringing unforgettable apps to a dinner party, when you serve up these delightfully delectable flavor bombs, you’ll top everyone’s VIP list. Lardons are the best excuse we know to not only eat more bacon but to eat the best cut of bacon ever! So, go get your bac-on (yup, I said it).