Brunch Recipes That Include Bacon

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the trees and flowers are in bloom and trying to kill you. This can only mean one thing, Spring is here! It's that time of year to come out of deep hibernation and reconnect with family and friends. Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover or you just plain love to eat, brunch is always a staple on the Springtime agenda. Clean the house. Check. Invite the crew. Check. Brunch til it hurts. Check.



But what is it that makes us want to enjoy a lazy late breakfast? Well, the term brunch was coined in Britain in 1895 to describe a Sunday meal for "Saturday-night carousers." By eliminating the need to get up early on Sunday, brunch would make life brighter for us Saturday-night socialites. It supposedly helped promote human happiness in other ways as well.

Writer Guy Beringer was the genius behind this corruption of breakfast and lunch, writing an article in the British publication Hunter's Weekly titled Brunch: A Plea. Beringer was insistent on eliminating "the purgatory [of] Sabbatarian early dinners." "Have we not eaten enough of them?" he asked, "I think so, and would suggest Brunch as a satisfactory substitute."

To a certain extent Guy did admit that he was pleading for Brunch with selfish motives. But he did believe the world would be kinder and more charitable if his plea was successful. Well, guess what Guy, your plea WAS successful. The world IS a kinder more charitable place because of Brunch, more specifically Bacon based brunch.

Below you'll find Bacon Brunch ideas that will be sure to make your tummy rumble. Some savory, some sweet, all mouthwateringly delicious and sure to make our pal Guy damn proud that his plea was heard and obeyed, HARD.

Also, Guy strongly suggests you substitute tea and coffee for beer and whiskey. Juuuuuust sayin'.

Bacon Blueberry Breakfast cake: According to yummy foodie blog How Sweet Eats this mind explosion of innovative deliciousness doesn’t HAVE to be breakfast or brunch. "It’s a totally breakfast slash dessert slash snack slash tax stress out food." BTW breakfast, dessert, snack, tax season stress out food is its scientific name. (See the full recipe)

Dutch Baby with Bacon: Eggs, milk, parmesan, cayenne, lemon zest, and flour make up a gloriously simple batter. Then fresh asparagus and bacon get cooked up beautifully in a cast iron pan before being doused with the batter. Pop it in a super-hot oven for just a few minutes, and what you pull out to serve will be enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Best of all, this recipe is receptive to the whims of whatever ingredients you have on hand! Get the recipe for Chef John’s Bacon and Asparagus Dutch Baby here!

Breakfast Nachos: Bon Appetit has been a pinnacle on food since 1956, so it is no surprise to us that they have delivered a recipe that calls for about 150 different, delicious ingredients. However, if you're fearless and like to bite off more than you can chew, literally and figuratively this is the recipe for you. This recipe has everything from chili powder to bacon, to sugar to bacon, to red jalapeno to bacon, honey, and tequila, know the rest! A word from the wise strongly encourages you to persuade a friend or family member into lending a helping hand.  (See the full recipe)

Bacon Jam: Since Martha Stewart is the OG G.O.A.T of domestic goddesses we thought it only fitting to include a vintage recipe. Enter Bacon Jam, a savory, chunky jam you can spread on a baguette or biscuit. FYI This recipe calls for a food processor and at least an hour of chill time before devouring, we suggest preparing it the night before. 

Chorizo Eggs Benedict with Chipotle Lime Sauce and Cotija Guacamole: Half Baked Harvest is our new love. Their Instagram has us stuck multiple times a week with its gorgeous drool-worthy recipes and cheeky commentary. This one is a triple threat, working for Easter Brunch, Cinco de Mayo AND Mothers Day. (See the full recipe.) Calling for a bagel base in loo of the traditional English muffin, and a chipotle lime sauce instead of hollandaise, our only suggestion is trying your bacon and eggs atop a polenta cake or some savory breakfast papas. YUM!

Where are you getting all that bacon?

Well, you’ve got all these exciting ways to make brunch into something even better by adding bacon, so where are you going to get all that bacon? Fear not, friends, we’ve got a catalog of artisanal bacon for you to pick from. From traditional Maple to the amazing Smoky Paprika, The Baconer’s products are pretty much the most amazing bacon you can find!