The Best Darn Bacon Gift Ideas Around

It’s September, which means one thing: Christmas. No, seriously, look at your favorite mall (or least favorite mall? We find it’s kind of a love/hate thing with those places.) When summer starts, skulls and ghosts line the aisles in preparation for Halloween. And once the summer concludes and children are back to school, the next logical step is Christmas.

Everyone Wants Bacon As A Gift, Seriously


What does it mean for you? Well, let’s think this through. You are on a site called The Baconer. You are reading a blog about bacon. So, what happens when you combine bacon with Christmas?

No, not reindeer bacon. Though in theory, that is possible as long as you cure and smoke the meat. We’re talking about gifts for bacon lovers. There’s a wide range of amazing gifts for bacon connoisseurs -- seriously, we couldn’t make some of this up. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite picks when we celebrate the holidays with traditional bacon meals.

10 Amazing Bacon Gift Ideas

Bacon Beer: The homebrew and artisanal beer explosion has meant that beer can be crafted with all sorts of flavors. And while we’re all for experimentation -- yes, you can buy oyster beer if you really want it -- some of these make sense (chocolate or coffee beer seems like a natural for a stout) and some of them simply don’t.

Ah, but then you get to the wonders of bacon beer. So let’s break down why this works so well. First, bacon is smoked, and that translates naturally to the body of a beer. Bacon is also savory, which helps to round out the flavor of a beer. The wonderful thing about bacon beer is that we’re not the only ones who think this is a great idea; in fact, a number of bacon-influenced beers are around (try some with breakfast).


Bacon Toothpaste: You get up, you have bacon with eggs for breakfast. On your lunch break, you crunch into the bacon of a BLT. For dinner, it’s bacon-wrapped steak. For dessert, you grab the bacon sweets (more on that later). And when the day is through and it’s time for bed, what’s a true bacon aficionado to do? The answer is clearly bacon toothpaste.

Don’t worry, bacon toothpaste doesn’t mean that you’ll be cleaning your teeth with pig belly and fat -- trust us, we adore bacon and even we wouldn’t recommend that. Instead, try this toothpaste infused with smokey and savory flavors. Okay, it’s really not the most accurate replica of bacon, but it’s still better than your standard mint toothpaste, right?


Bacon Clothes: While some people have gone out of their way to make a fashion statement wearing actual cuts of meat as clothing (not recommended for sanitary purposes because ew, gross), there’s a tangentially related fashion option that doesn’t involve salmonella or grease -- bacon-inspired clothing. Bacon is, after all, a lifestyle, and telling the world that you love bacon, just like many people wear clothing showing their love of a sports team or TV show. For example, it’s easy to find hoodies and other clothes that show off your favorite culinary interest in different ways, from a play off the periodic table to a simple but elegant t-shirt print to mini skirts.


Bacon Candy: Sweet and salty have been a delicious combination for ages. There’s a reason why chocolate chip cookies taste so good with salt on them. Thus, the next logical step is to marry bacon with chocolate. See, bet your mouth started watering right when you read that. If it didn’t, then really think it through -- chocolate and bacon. So who’s putting together this miracle product? Many different people, actually. And it’s not just chocolate bars infused with bacon, though that’s clearly a thing. There’s also chocolate-dipped bacon and maple-bacon truffles. You can even use a chocolate fondue fountain for your own bacon dessert experiments. When it comes to bacon and chocolate, the sky’s the limit.


Bacon Jewelry: Just like how bacon is the perfect complement for a meal, bacon jewelry can be a fun way to accessorize your fashionista instincts. Not real bacon, of course, but the iconic look and even smell of bacon in jewelry form. Try this scented bacon necklace, sure to catch an eye and strategically placed under your nose to keep that bacon aroma going all day. Or these bacon earrings, which send a strong statement about who you are and how you relate to the world: “I Love Bacon.”


Bacon Hats: Trucker hats kind of seem like the perfect thing to be associated with bacon. Fortunately, a few forward-thinking hat designers have considered the same thing. Two of our favorite bacon-themed hats are the Enjoy Bacon trucker hat, which plays off the iconic Coca-Cola logo, and this bold trucker hat that states its intentions loud and clear: life is just a little better wrapped in bacon. A quick look at our hors d'oeuvres recipe book shows this to be totally true.


Curing Kit: Okay, let’s get real. Sure, bacon toothpaste and bacon shirts are fun and help express your passion for the world’s best meat, but if you are a real fan of bacon, then it’s time to try to cure your own meat.

Just like true beer aficionados will homebrew their own beers, bacon curing kits are available to help you try and perfect your very own bacon. Whether that’s mastering the traditional taste of bacon or experimenting with different flavors (how else do you think we came up with jalapeno bacon?), your home curing kit will help you prepare your cuts of meat for a grand bacon experiment. Best of all, pork belly is often easily ordered at your local butcher, so it just takes time and practice to get it right. And even if you don’t master it on the first few tries, how bad can it be? It’s bacon!

Bacon Vacation: Let’s say you’re too lazy to cure your own bacon. No one would blame you, and in fact, there’s other ways to experience the joys of bacon without making your own bacon creation. Did you know there are bacon festivals all over the country? Yes, gatherings of bacon lovers happen regularly: sample flavored bacons, try different recipes, enjoy treats and beverages infused with bacon, and much more. Zingerman’s Bacon Camp even brings it all together by combining history, tasting, and cooking into a single experience. Your bacon vacation may be the most fun you’ve ever had -- and it will most definitely be the best-tasting trip you’ve had.

Bacon of the Month Club: Love bacon? Love The Baconer? Then the Bacon of the Month club is the perfect, best, most spectacular choice you could possibly gift any bacon lover. Yes, even yourself -- we’d give it to ourselves if that wasn’t so self-serving! Enjoy one pack each of Thick Cut Strips and Hand Cut Lardons in rotating flavors, all arriving safe and sound on your doorstep on a regular monthly schedule. 


Bacon Wrapping Paper: All of these different items listed are perfect for a holiday present or a birthday gift, but for a finishing touch, get some bacon wrapping paper for your bacon-themed gift. And for that extra touch, make sure to cook some bacon close by that wrapping paper to infuse authentic aromas into it.

Need More Bacon Talk?

Of course, you don’t need a special occasion to get bacon. At The Baconer, we’re big fans of celebrating all the time because any day with bacon is a kick-ass day. So, treat yourself whenever you need it by getting some delicious flavored bacon, each cut prepared using our magical Sous Vide technique in the enchanted lands of Oakland, California. And if you want to simply talk more about bacon -- who doesn’t, really? -- then feel free to get in touch with flavor requests, gift ideas, or random bacon facts. We’re all ears (and pork belly).