The Best Ways to Cut, Cook and Eat Slab Bacon

Different ways to cut slab bacon

Some folks have a favorite bacon cut. Thick or thin, center-cut or Canadian, they know what they like and stick to it no matter what. I admire their steadfastness and to them, I say “more power to you!”

But then there are folks like me who are a little more restless in the kitchen. Always looking for something new and exciting, they like to shake things up and a versatile flavor-boosting ingredient that can manifest in countless ways is a seductive thing indeed. Whether you’re one of these—or just need to refresh your repertoire—clear out some space in the fridge because Slab Bacon needs a permanent spot on your center shelf.  

When we first started The Baconer, we sold Slab Bacon primarily to professional chefs on the idea that home cooks would want their bacon pre-cut. While many prefer the convenience of pre-cut, we quickly realized that slab is really the ultimate choice for true blue bacon lovers of all stripes, from home chefs and backyard grillers to sandwich geeks and bacon aficionados alike. It makes perfect sense, because with a slab you get every cut of bacon under the sun, putting you in charge so you never have to choose! Any whim, for any recipe, any time of day, you can customize your bacon as you see fit—thick, thin, bites, bits, strips, steaks, lardons, or all of the above. You can even roast it whole and carve it in front of drooling guests, awe-struck as they realize that they’re about to indulge in the zenith of roast meats. I mean...who could go back to a tired old baked ham after an experience like that?

smoked slab bacon


How we make our slab bacon

We start with the best pork—responsibly sourced pork belly from family farms. No antibiotics, non-GMO vegetarian feed, no farrowing crates and free to roam. We do this not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because you can taste the difference when the animal has been raised right. The flavors are richer, the texture more delicate, and the marbling comes out just right. Next, we cure our pork bellies, infusing them with chef-driven flavors like smoked paprika, black pepper & garlic, or maple, brown sugar & baking spices (getting hungry yet?). Then we smoke each slab low-and-slow over applewood, bringing a deep bass note to the palette and driving the flavors deeper into the slab. The result? Bacon slabs that are richly flavored, unfathomably tender and ready to cut any way you like it.


How to slice slab bacon

  1. Strips: Cut into thin strips
  2. Steaks: Knife and fork thick cut strips
  3. Lardons: Baton shaped bacon pieces
  4. Diced Bacon: Homemade bacon bits
  5. Cubed Bacon: Perfect for stews and burnt bacon ends
  6. Entire Slab: Like a honey-baked ham, only better

slab bacon

Tips & Tricks for cutting slab bacon

  • Anyone can do this. You don’t need a fancy knife or master knife skills
  • For a fancy presentation, cutting the slab when it’s half-thawed will produce a cleaner strip
  • If you have slab bacon that is thicker on one side than the other, the thicker side is good for nice broad strips and the thinner side is perfect for lardons or diced bacon
  • When cutting your own slab bacon, take the opportunity to try super thick cut strips (because it’s really really good!)
  • If you don’t use all the slab in one go, wrap up the remaining piece tightly in parchment paper
  • Save your bacon fat! It can be used to fry eggs, roast vegetables, make vinaigrette, etc

Recipes with slab bacon

Here are some recipes you can make using the different cuts from the slab bacon

    Strips: Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders Bacon wrapped chicken tenders
      Bacon Steaks: Grilled Cheese, Bacon and Fig Jam grilled cheese, bacon, fig jam
        Lardons: Bacon Hash and Confit Potatoes Bacon hash and confit potatoes
          Diced Bacon: Salt and Pepper Pasta with Bacon Salt and pepper pasta with bacon
            Cooking Slab Bacon in the Oven roasted slab