The Best Gift for Foodies—Moms, Dads, even Grads!

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, aren’t they?  You can give or get just about anything as a subscription now: shaving razors, coffee, sneakers, stickers, books, cheese...even skulls!  Now just imagine world-class bacon delivered 4 times a year. Right to your doorstep! Boxes packed with artisan bacon in unique cuts and decadent flavors, ready to be devoured...and all you have to do is open the front door. 

Sound like your jam? Or someone you know? Allow us to introduce you to The Baconer's quarterly bacon box, officially known as The Baconer Strip Club™ (strip of bacon, get it?). Let’s explore this bacon gift box and give you a taste of what to expect as a club member.

Arriving every three months, each delivery includes three packages of bacon specially curated to inspire your inner chef. Try all of our specialty cuts, including Small Batch Bacon, XXL Bacon Steaks, Smoked Lardons (All About Bacon Lardons), Ground Bacon, BBQ Bacon Ends and more, featuring bacon in new shapes and sizes you never knew existed, and won’t want to live without.  Club members are also among the first to receive new flavors and special releases, plus the occasional bonus gift, just because we love you. The cost for a full-year membership is just $259 USD and includes FREE SHIPPING.

Our superior quality goes beyond our responsible sourcing and smoking methods. We offer flavors which bring a new level of taste brilliance to something that's already been scientifically proven to amaze taste buds. Love cooking with bacon?  Our flavors are crafted to add richness and depth to any dish, because what dish isn’t better with bacon? Hint: there aren’t any.

Because we love bacon, and more importantly, you love bacon, we will include an extra gift as a thank you for joining the Strip Club™. You can expect something fun, like this super handy 4-piece stainless steel grilling accessory from Grill Pinz (Seriously, this is a must for any aspiring bacon-wrapper).



We know you love to cook bacon—not only because you’re looking for a good time—but also because you are brilliant. But like any foodie, you need to stay on top of your game. Fear not, because we will help you with that. How about Chicken Fried Bacon Steak & Waffles, Bacon Hash w/ Confit Potatoes, BBQ Bacon Kimchi Tacos or a Maple Old Fashioned garnished with a candied bacon swizzle? There’s plenty more where these came from—just visit our Recipes section—where we share inspiration on additional ways to appreciate bacon. Imagine the possibilities as you impress your loved ones with stellar bacon dishes—or, because you are brilliant, hoard it all for yourself. We won’t tell.

So when you join The Baconer Strip Club™, you’ll get a little bit of the magic in action; by being among the first in the whole entire world to taste our new flavors, you are truly a bacon innovator. Seriously, that’s something you should put on your resume.

Bacon Delivery

Have we presented enough evidence in favor of the Strip Club? If yes, then pass directly to the sign-up page.

If no, then prepare for an onslaught of further bacon thoughts, such as recipes, wine pairings, and the complete history of bacon.

If you have any questions about The Bacon Strip Club™, want to share your favorite recipes, images, videos, or even have some suggestions for new flavors, don’t be shy because we’re certainly not! Get in touch with us: email:, Instagram: @the.baconer, Facebook: thebaconer.eastbay, and LinkedIn: @TheBaconer —hopefully, it’s obvious, but we love talking about bacon.