The Strip Club: Monthly Bacon Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, aren't they? You can get just about anything as a subscription now: collectibles, shaving razors, clothes, coffee, smoked meat of the month, cookie of the month, Bloody Mary of the month (the drink, not the freaky ghoul thing) and everything in between.

Imagine World-Class Bacon Delivered to You Every Month

However, all of those possibilities clearly pale in comparison to the mightiest, tastiest, best darn subscription box out there: The Baconer's monthly bacon delivery subscription, which we have recently given the name the Strip Club. (Because strip of bacon, get it?) That's right, for anyone who really, really, really loves bacon -- so basically, everyone out there -- the Strip Club delivers delicious artisanal bacon every month.

So how about high-quality smoked meat with unique flavors such jalapeno, bourbon, and smoked paprika?  All of this delivered to your front door each month? Pretty darn amazing, isn't it? 

So let’s open up that special little package to give you a taste (pun intended) of what to expect with the Strip Club. Because within that cardboard package is 100% Baconer through and through: 

Bacon: You get bacon. But not just bacon, the most amazing bacon ever made. Seriously, we will put our bacon in a battle with any other bacon on the planet, even in the known universe.

Our trick is our infusing of flavors that will expand your bacon horizons, and quite possibly blow your mind. We offer monthly featured cuts of bacon, and the Strip Club box delivers fourpackages right to your door.

Over the course of four months, you’ll go through our rotation of cuts (steaks, strips, lardons, and burnt ends) to give the complete bacon experience -- and then after those four months, the rotation begins again, like the seasons of the year. Except, you know, with pork.

Flavors: Our famous quality goes beyond our cuts of meat and cooking method. We offer flavors of bacon, which brings a new level of taste brilliance to something that's already been scientifically proven to melt brains and amaze taste buds. If you love cooking with bacon, then joining the Strip Club gives you something new to experience every month.

Check out these flavors:

  • Smoked Maple: Maple, brown sugar, baking spices
  • Paprika & Garlic: Smoked paprika, black pepper, garlic
  • Bacetta: Juniper, garlic, thyme
  • Jalapeno: Jalapeno, black pepper, garlic
  • Cracked Pepper: Cracked pepper, garlic, brown sugar
  • Bourbon: Bourbon, brown sugar, orange


Bonus Gift: Bacon is clearly more than just a food; it's a lifestyle. There's a reason why the media talks about the cult of bacon -- and when we say cult, we mean “group of people with excellent culinary taste and probably also excellent taste in other stuff,” not the creepy “wear robes out in the desert” kind.

Because we love bacon and more importantly, you love bacon, we include an extra gift as a thank you for joining the Strip Club. What is it? Well, that’s the fun, isn’t it? But you can expect something fun, possibly even sexy such as these J. Crew Eggs & Bacon Socks. (Seriously, we recommend wearing those on any potential first date.) 

Recipes: You love to cook bacon. Not only because you are good-looking and fun, but also because you brilliant. But like any good chef, you need to stay on top of your game. Fear not, because we will help you with that.

Monthly recipe cards are a standard thing for the Strip Club, which means you will receive inspiration on new ways to appreciate bacon each and every month. Imagine the possibilities as you impress your loved ones with stellar new bacon dishes on a monthly basis -- or, because you are brilliant, hoard it all for yourself. We won’t tell.


Our most recent boxes included recipes for:

How We Ship the Bacon to You

If you're new to The Baconer, you may be wondering just how a meat product ships commercially for a monthly delivery. (Also if you're new -- hello there!) Don't worry, we've thought through all the planning and logistics to make sure that your bacon lands safely and soundly so all you have to do is worry about what amazing recipe you're going to use next.

First off, our bacon ships frozen. So we're already sending it out to you safely But to make sure it stays that way, then we bundle it up in insulation, and then wrap it with additional frozen ice packs. That's three layers of freezing cold to keep your bacon safe.

Freezing is all well and good, but that box still has to get from point A to point B. We plan ahead to avoid weekend layovers in shipping warehouses, so every single order ships only Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday via the your trusty local postman (United States Postal Service, and not the horrific Kevin Costner movie) using 1-2 day delivery services. Orders received after 5 PM on Tuesday evenings are shipped the following week to ensure maximum bacon goodness.

If your bacon does arrive thawed, there is absolutely zero need to panic. This happens, and we’ve prepared for it by ensuring a cold environment. Also, remember that our bacon is cured and smoked -- it’s a fully cooked product, which is sometimes misunderstood about bacon.

Since it’s not raw, there’s a little more flexibility in the temperature it ships. Of course, you should refrigerate it as soon as you get it, but there’s no need if it doesn’t arrive as a frozen block. You can even refreeze it if you want to save it -- like if you want to collect all of your Strip Club deliveries over the course of a few months, and then have one Bacon-palooza festival. That’s totally cool. In fact, invite us. We’re always down for bacon parties.

And if you absolutely, positively cannot wait, you can buy individual packages from The Baconer -- or you can even meet us in person at one of several local San Francisco Bay Area Farmer’s Markets!

Please come say hello, we promise we share your enthusiasm for bacon. In fact, we might just talk your ear off about it, so much so that you are free to make up an awkward excuse to get along with your Farmer’s Market day. (We suggest “I’m sorry, but I need to go get some vegetables to make my fantastic bacon recipe, so I should go.”)


Here’s where to find us this weekend: 


Grand Lake Farmer's Market from 9am to 2pm
Lake Park Ave, Oakland, CA 94610


Kensington Farmer's Market from 10am to 2pm
379-389 Colusa Ave, Kensington, CA 94707

Montclair Farmer's Market from 9am to 1pm
La Salle Avenue at Moraga Avenue, Oakland, CA 94611

Bacon Flavors

While the Strip Club often presents Top Secret Cutting-Edge Bacon Flavors (™), we also include many of our top-selling standbys.

If you’re new to The Baconer, welcome to a universe of taste possibilities. That sounds like a bit of a bold boast but here’s how we can back it up.

First, remember that The Baconer’s is constantly exploring new taste possibilities for epic artisanal bacon-ness. Then read these flavors and see if you can stop the Homer Simpson-esque drooling from happening. 

  • Smoked Maple: Maple, brown sugar, baking spices
  • Paprika & Garlic: Smoked paprika, black pepper, garlic
  • Bacetta: Juniper, garlic, thyme
  • Jalapeno: Jalapeno, black pepper, garlic
  • Cracked Pepper: Cracked pepper, garlic, brown sugar
  • Bourbon: Bourbon, brown sugar, orange


That’s all pretty amazing, isn’t it? This gives an inside look at the minds behind The Baconer, and while we certainly own our share of deep dark secrets (muahahahaha), when it comes to bacon, the only thing that’s happening is an effervescent bubbling of amazing taste ideas.

So when you join the Strip Club, you’ll get a little bit of the magic in action; by being among the first in the whole entire world to taste our new flavors, you are truly a bacon innovator. Seriously, that’s something you should put on your resume.



That’s a Lot of Bacon

Have we presented enough evidence in favor of the Strip Club? If yes, then pass directly to the sign-up page.

If no, then prepare for an onslaught of further bacon thoughts, such as recipes, wine pairings, and the complete history of bacon.

And if you have even more questions about bacon, then don’t be shy! Get in touch with us at The Baconer -- hopefully it’s obvious, but we love talking about bacon, so if you have any questions about the Strip Club or even suggestions for new and exciting flavors, let us know.