Interactive Kitchen-to-Kitchen Experience Sends All the Ingredients and Lets You Zoom with The Baconer, Camilo Velasquez 

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EMERYVILLE, CA.—June 1, 2021—Today, The Baconer, the artisan bacon company helping people rediscover America's favorite food, announced the launch of “Virtual Experiences for Bacon Lovers.”  The immersive, hands-on cooking classes, led by Camilo Velasquez, The Baconer, are designed for corporate teams, clubs, and groups to have a meaningful way to connect directly from their kitchens, create an absurdly-delicious meal—incorporating bacon, of course—and have fun from anywhere!  All you have to do is select a date, receive your ingredients, log on and wear “Zoom-appropriate” attire (from the waist up)! 

With Camilo, cooking together is more than cooking—it’s a tasty peek into the world of bacon, filled with anecdotes, easy-to-make dishes, and a virtual celebration. But, don’t take our word for it.  Hear what participants had to say:

“Our team cooking class with Camilo was AMAZING! He’s super knowledgeable about bacon (go figure) and kept the class fun and informative. Everything was super well-organized: we received our recipes and ingredients well before class, so all we needed to do was Zoom in with our favorite accompanying beverage (hint: it’s wine) and enjoy the cooking experience.  The finished Carbonara was so delicious (and surprisingly easy!) that it's become a regular in our own meal planning,” said Michelle V, Google. 
Giselle P with Salesforce shared: “We have done a few team bonding activities in the past year, and this one is still rated the best one so far.  We will definitely do it again this year! Highly recommend it.” 


How It Works
The Baconer team works with you to plan your experience—including recipe selection. First, you’ll select a date. Next, The Baconer team will help design your menu, and, once confirmed, they will package and ship your box, complete with all the ingredients and recipes you and your team will need to create mealtime magic. When your Zoom session goes live, Camilo will guide you in preparing and cooking a bacon-inspired meal from scratch that you can easily make at home. He will share a brief overview of the recipes, and probably tell a few (dad) jokes, as you create the meal. And, while you don’t have to laugh at his jokes, it might be nice. Once everything is cooked, Camilo will sign off so you and your group can enjoy the meal together and share some bonding time.

The classes run for 90 minutes, and are $150 per person (5 person minimum, up to 15 participants. Gluten-free and sugar-free options are also available. Please note that we are an artisan bacon company so we don’t specialize in vegetarian or vegan selections. All ingredients and recipes will be shipped directly to each individual participant.

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About Camilo Velasquez
Camilo Velasquez was a founding member of Eat Lino, an underground supper club in Brooklyn, NY, feeding neighborhood folks 5-7 course meals complete with wine pairings in a shared industrial loft apartment. It was here that he learned to make his own bacon, developing recipes and techniques that would become the foundation of The Baconer.  After relocating to California, Camilo founded The Baconer, selling his absurdly delicious products at farmers markets throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Fast forward a few years and today The Baconer produces a full line of artisan bacons available nationwide online and to restaurants and grocery stores throughout Northern California. Through his cooking classes, Camilo brings his lifelong passion for food, cooking...and especially anyone from kitchen novices looking for a delicious fool-proof menu to experienced home cooks looking to reinvigorate their culinary repertoire.

About The Baconer
Situated in the epicenter of farm-to-table cuisine, our goal is to create new ways to enjoy America's favorite food—bacon—for today’s generation of home cooks, chefs, and photo-snapping foodies. We’ve perfected a collection of artisan bacon that offers something genuinely unique and inspires our customers to cook absurdly-delicious meals. Our team of bacon enthusiasts prioritizes exceptional quality, sourcing responsibly-raised premium heritage pork from small family farms to produce our richly-flavored bacon featuring innovative cuts and chef-driven flavors. With specialty items like XXL Bacon Steaks, Smoked Lardons, Ground Bacon and BBQ Bacon Ends—in addition to traditional Small Batch Bacon Strips—we put you in control of your own culinary adventure. The Baconer donates a percentage of product to organizations supporting universal access to high-quality, nourishing, and responsibly-sourced food. Based in Emeryville, California, our hand-crafted products are available online and at select retail locations in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information on The Baconer visit, and join our #BaconFam on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube,and Pinterest.

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