Bacon Infused Bourbon

Bacon-infused Bourbon

Bourbon and bacon are my two favorite food groups on Earth. If I’m ever stranded on a desert island, B&B are hands down what I’m bringing with me—scurvy be damned! Bourbon pairs best with foods that are sweet, smoky or rich in luscious fats, and bacon just so happens to be all three, so I say, marry them! The result? A sweet-salty-smoky flavor meld that is so much more than its individual parts.

When bacon and bourbon are combined, each ingredient balances the other, teasing out complex caramel and spice tones with a smoky soul-satisfying finish. We’ve been wanting to try this for years, and never quite got to it because we assumed it would be a complicated process better left to denim-clad mixologists with fancy mustaches, but were surprised and delighted to find  how incredibly simple it is to make your own bacon infused bourbon at home. Just gather up some cheese cloth or a coffee filter, a funnel, a package of Small Batch Bacon Strips and your favorite bourbon!

Side Note: with the infusion, you are adding a new flavor element that wasn’t part of the maker’s original intent, so we don’t suggest using that bottle of Pappy Van Winkle or other top shelf bourbon you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Use a solid mid-range bourbon with a well balanced flavor profile that’ll make room for the bacon without being thrown off balance by it. Bulleit works especially well. 

Cocktails with Bacon

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