Bacon Wrapped Bacon Meatloaf

 Bacon wrapped Bacon meatloaf

Cooler weather puts us in the mood for comfort food, so we decided to take on a classic that's kept the shivers at bay for generations: meatloaf. Just the thought of those rich savory slices nestled into hot buttered mashed potatoes, green beans and gravy have us feeling all cozy and warm because what could be better?

Turns out there is something better...or rather, a way to MASSIVELY improve on the comfy cozy mental picture that meatloaf brings to mind. We started with our favorite classic meatloaf recipe that had a looong list of fillers like chopped vegetables, breadcrumbs and rich splashes of soy sauce, Worcestershire, ketchup and Dijon. And, we stripped it down to the essentials: ground pork & beef, onion, garlic and fresh herbs, then hit it with a generous dose of Ground Bacon. Because we like to get a little showy—and this is especially good for holiday feast show-off-i-ness—we wrapped the loaf in a glorious lattice of our Maple Sugar Small Batch Bacon Strips, and baked the whole thing to a perfect medium rare.

The result? A much simpler recipe that was quick to prep with fewer ingredients. The Ground Bacon provided the perfect umami tone and fat content that grocery store ground meats usually lack, making for an overall juicier and more flavorful meal. The Maple Sugar Small Batch Bacon Strips lattice, in addition to looking COMPLETELY AWESOME, replaced the sweetness of the usual glaze, adding another layer of smoky goodness and basting the roast throughout the cook. While the lattice is optional, we highly recommend it! We found it easiest to create the bacon lattice by weaving the bacon strips directly on the meatloaf. We started with draping 6 strips across, and then weaving in the rest lengthwise.

(*We also found a bacon weave tutorial we found on YouTube, to provide additional visual aid.) So, without further adieu, enjoy our take on cozy winter feels in one easy recipe fit for a weeknight dinner or a holiday party show piece!

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