BBQ Bacon & Kimchi Taco

Bacon is amazing. BBQ is amazing. Combining them into our signature Burnt Bacon Ends has been one of the great achievements of our lives. But never ones to leave good enough alone, we found some creative ways to blend our beloved meaty morsels with unexpected ingredients to take them to the next level. Enter the BBQ Bacon & Kimchi Taco! Built on a mini tortilla, the Burnt Bacon Ends and kimchi integrate spectacularly, the kimchi bringing the perfect crunch & tang to the sweet smoky bacon. The Mexican crema on top gives the whole thing a cooling mellowness, and the diced jalapeño kicks all the flavors up a notch or two. This international mashup of American classic, Mexican street food and a Korean staple is our new favorite thing for backyard meals, easy weeknight dinners, or pretty much any time we’re hungry.

BBQ Bacon Kimchi Tacos

Makes 4-5 soft tacos


  • 4-5 small 6” soft taco tortillas
  • 1 pack Burnt Bacon Ends
  • Red kimchi
  • Mexican crema
  • 1 diced jalapeño for garnish


  1. Preheat oven to 450°F
  2. Lay out Burnt Bacon Ends on a baking sheet on a single layer
  3. Bake Ends for 20-25 mins until browning at the edges and desired crispness is reached
  4. Remove from oven and rest for 2-3 minutes
  5. On each tortilla, layer up Burnt Bacon Ends, 1 tbsp kimchi, a dollop of Mexican crema and diced jalapeño to garnish
  6. Devour & repeat