Collard Greens with Smoked Lardons

Collard Greens with Bacon

To the uninitiated, collard greens can seem like a formidable project. They are big, leafy, bitter and leathery. But with a little TLC, collards will cook down into a rich, flavorful side that’s nourishing, satisfying, and teams up with bacon spectacularly well.

If you want to take your greens from an already yummy side dish to an off-the-charts featured plate, here’s a little secret: make them with Smoked Lardons! These tasty bite-sized palette pleasers boost the YUM! factor in everything from vegetables and salads to pastas to cocktails. (To learn more about Lardons, read “All You Need to Know About Lardons”.) When cooked into greens, they’ll elevate the entire dish with smoky umami rich flavor and decadent texture from the rendered fats and thick cut morsels. Sure, your ribs and cornbread will be delicious, but it’ll be the greens that keeps them coming back for seconds and thirds!

Get some Smoked Lardons to make this recipe

Smoked Lardons