Million Dollar Bacon

Super thick candied bacon is having a moment...and well deserved too. From the first bite, you’ll immediately experience how this tasty-rich recipe gets its name—trust me when I say you will feel like a million bucks. This easy-to-make indulgence truly is the greatest of bacon treats, with its sweet brown sugar coating and a tingle of heat to spice things up. And, it originated in San Francisco,  just a hop, skip and a trip across the Bay Bridge from The Baconer.

I’ve since made this “sweet with a little heat” on several occasions, so here's an insider's tip: use an oven-safe wire rack to help elevate the slices over the lined baking pan. This helps the heat in the oven to circulate more evenly. 

Without a doubt, these candied steaks are a guaranteed crowd pleaser as an appetizer, brunch side (or just breakfast). And, if you really want to impress your guests, serve these up as the centerpiece of your next family gathering! 

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