Pumpkin Spice Bacon Waffles

pumkin spice bacobn waffles

Bacon. And. Waffles. Nuf said, right? No need to say more! But I will. If you’re a waffle fan and a bacon fan—we know if you’re checking out this recipe so you clearly are ;) —we have something guaranteed to deliver maximum taste bud happiness! These waffles are yummy, filling, easy to make, and just plain fun! With pure, unadulterated Ground Bacon and a dash of our pumpkin spice concoction, these are a must make, delish dish.

Ahem—we do know that waffle irons can be a little intimidating to some, but—with a few insights from The Baconer—the waffle iron and Ground Bacon will become your kitchen favorites. Before using your iron, coat the inside of the waffle iron with nonstick cooking spray, or a light coating of oil, and then turn on your iron to heat. Note: most irons will alert you when they are ready (ours chirps). Once the iron is hot, you can add the pumpkin spice bacon batter—making sure not to overfill the grid because the batter will expand. Most waffle irons signal when the waffle is cooked (again, ours chirps) You can also tell when your waffles are ready—the waffle is lightly golden brown, easily removable from the grates with a fork, and there’s no more steam emitting from the iron.

Now that you’re iron-ready, grab your bacon, the other key ingredients and go! These waffles deliver a sensational savory-sweet culinary coupling. You can make these bacon-infused, pumpkin-spiced waffles a part of your on-going breakfast, brunch, dinner, and dessert line up this Fall and all-year long.

Bacon Waffles with Pumpkin Spice

Get some Ground Bacon to make this recipe

Ground Bacon