Ricotta Toast w/ XXL Bacon Steaks, Chili Crisp, & Preserved Lemon

Ricotta toast, xxl bacon steaks and chili crisp If you haven’t yet tried Ricotta Toast, you’re in for a treat! A richer and more versatile cousin of avocado toast, ricotta toast is endlessly versatile, able to skew sweet, savory and everything in between.

The key is to start with a fresh rustic bread, and the best ricotta you can find - we used fellow Good Food Award winner Bellweather Farms. After lightly toasting our sourdough, we layered it up with plenty of whipped ricotta, pan fried XXL Bacon Steaks, spoon fulls of chili crisp and colorful sprinkles of preserved lemon and thinly sliced scallions. The result is a creamy crispy crunchy smoky spicy citrusy savory flavor profile that’ll have your taste buds firing on all cylinders. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or an anytime snack, this recipe makes for a beautiful presentation, and a deeply satisfying meal.