“Secret Ingredient” Smash Burger


Smash Burger

Who doesn’t love a drool-worthy recipe with a top secret ingredient? Especially one that leaves friends & family wondering how you conjured up such glorious deliciousness. If we’ve piqued your interest, oh boy do we have an inside scoop for you! Come closer … closer. The secrets to this decadent burger are Ground Bacon mixed right in with the beef and a smashingly fun cooking technique that’ll have you fiercely guarding your new secret recipe...or singing it from the rooftops for all to hear.

Anyone can make a burger, right? It’s a classic because it’s easy to make and a sure fire crowd pleaser. But not all burgers are created equal. Finding the perfect blend of ground meats, a fail-proof cooking technique, and all the right fixins make the difference between just another burger and something truly SENSATIONAL! So, grab your Ground Bacon, a few napkins (or maybe a whole roll of paper towels),⁠ and get thee to a grill. When assembling the burger, remember to add the sauce & fixins to the bottom bun, priming your taste buds with a tangy flavor blast just before the bacon-umami-rich burger juices gush onto your palette. YUM!


Ground Bacon