Sweet Potato Casserole Bacon Bites

In my family, the sweet potato casserole topped with golden brown marshmallows is the shining star at Thanksgiving—and pretty much at all Fall, Winter and Holiday family gatherings! Honestly, if I didn’t make this, I’d not only cause a deluge of tears spanning generations, but I might be disowned.

But to be honest, even my most dearly loved favorites can start to feel repetitive after years of leaning on the same old recipe. I wanted a new spin on the ultimate T-Day side, Sweet Potato Casserole, that offers a fun presentation and more complex flavors that juuuust might convince the casserole haters out there to reconsider.

I discovered a few key cooking tips that will help. First, shape foil into balls to help bake that perfect bacon-cup ring. Second, roasting is my favorite way to cook the sweet potatoes as it will yield a sweet-savory flavor combination. And,don’t forget to top these with marshmallows, complete with a golden brown glow.

sweet potato casserole bacon bites

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