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XXL Bacon Steaks
matt powers

XXL Bacon Steaks

Easter Bacon Box
Virginia M OBrien
Bacon here

My son cooks for himself in the morning and the entire house rise with aroma rising in the entire house.
What is it?
Bacon from THE BACONER

Candied Bacon Rub Set
Jonathan Ichimaru
Great bacon rub

This is really good and goes great with other meats also.

Small Batch Bacon Box
Angela McKenzie
Lardons/small batch

As usual The Baconer didn’t disappoint!
Bacon was received still cold in packaging as it usually is. It is always a pleasure doing business with them. I wish they would bring their slab bacon back!

Small Batch Bacon Box
Vickie Doolittle-Zeigler
Love all of the bacon that I have purchased from The Baconer!

I have really loved all of the bacon that I have purchased from The Baconer. I am happy that I found put about your company!!!

Smoked Lardons Box
Velma Simpson
Everything is better with bacon!!!

Lardons have almost become a staple in my kitchen-they are so delicious and versatile!

Bacon lover!

I got the smaller sample pack and so far am very satisfied. I love maple bacon and this was delicious, but I had a new experience with paprika bacon. It was sooo good! I'm saving the bacon steaks for something special. Being a single person, I cut the ground bacon into 4 pieces before freezing so I'll only thaw what I need. Unfortunately, this delicious bacon is a bit expensive for me, but I can order it occasionally for a treat to myself.

Variety Rub Set
Curtis Codey

Absolutely amazing & highly recommended!! I cannot recommend “The Baconer” enough to family & friends!! They rave over the bacon candy in the air fryer!!!

XXL Bacon Steaks
Andrew Boone

Bacon speaks my new go-to comfort food. The right thickness, the richest taste. They go with almost everything!

Candied Bacon Rub Set
Patricia Gregg

I received one jar for Christmas and when I tried it, I fell in love. I can't tell you how fast we went through the jar. My order reached us just in time. I've always been a bacon lover (who isn't) but this goes beyond that. I told the person who gave it to me that it was the star of the day.

Variety Rub Set
Victoria Cook
Pork Fat Rules

Loved the Bacon Rub. Made Millionaires Bacon with it and it was awesome.

These rubs are really next level! I ordered all 3 sets and gifted them to my husband and my brothers for Christmas this year. They all 3 love to bbq and loved them!!

Unbelieveable Bacon

Best Bacon I have ever had. Have purchased premium bacon from other well know meat companies and nothing compares. Very expensive but, you get what you pay for. I will keep ordering. Wish they supplied whole hams, I can't imagine what it would taste like.

Variety Rub Set
Deborah Safranek
Baconer rub for other things besides bbq

We have used the rub on baked bacon and popcorn so far. Can’t wait to try on other foods. Two thumbs up. Oh yeah, rubbed under the Christmas turkey skin too. Amazing!!

Small Batch Bacon Box
Roland Robinson
Great purchase

Very pleased with my first small batch bacon delivery. High-quality product that tastes delicious. Great value!

Variety Rub Set
Joan Snyder
Christmas 2021

The two sets were gifts, and I understand they are enjoying the products.

Underwhelmed by product, overwhelmed by expense

I found The Baconer when searching for lardons to accommodate some French cooking I'm doing. And I'm willing to try almost anything once. So far the bacon itself is a disappointment. Using the suggested methods for skillet and oven preparation are not satisfactory. And doing the math on the amount of product for the cost does not offset the expense with superior results. Disappointment abounds.
As yet I've not prepared the lardons so there may be a bit of grace in that. Stay tuned. A general overall evaluation is I will not be a returning customer.

Candied Bacon Rub

Very Good!
Easy to cook bacon in the oven.

Variety Rub Set
Sharon Williams

Have not tried yet

Variety Rub Set
Ronnie Brown

Makes bacon even better!

Variety Rub Set
Virginia Pileggi
Many possibilities

Great on oven bacon!!
Can’t wait to use it onsteak and salmon etc



Variety Rub Set
Anne LaRosa
Good seasonings

Each of these seasonings have a distinct flavor, and each one tastes very good. We will probably use them often.

Variety Rub Set
Patricia Herrera
Christmas Gift

I have not heard from the person that received the gift.

Variety Rub Set
Helen Gibson

I purchased as gifts and have not asked how they liked the product