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To die for... my husband says. I'm a vegetarian. He loves this bacon, especially the thick steaks. Great product, prices are high, but worth every penny. My only complaint is the shipping fees. Little spendy there.


Best bacon I ever had❤️

Uncured & Sugar-Free Bacon Box // 4 Items

King bacon

The bacon is extremely delicious, the salt content is perfect. Flavor comes through perfectly I’d give it a 10 out of 10

XXL Bacon Steaks
Linda Bennett

Very delicious Bacon

This bacon

This bacon is the best I’ve ever eaten. I will continue to order from you guys.

These are very tasty

We’ve had both and they are wonderful! Both flavors are a hit but I enjoy the paprika and cheddar cheese the most. Keep up the good work bringing this healthy treat!

Great tasting

The bacon sausage is so good. Very flavorful and great taste like usual from the Baconer. Great to get bacin flavor in sausage form. Will definitely buy again!

Smoked Bacon Sausage Box
Leslie Halloran
Husband who eats Bacon occaisionly

Sausage were grilled and tasted great. Cheddar ads a nice touch

Sausage cheddar and maple

The cheddar was good, flavor of bacon was present, the casing has a nice pop, very hood overall. But a bit to greasy.
The maple was very good but again a bit to much grease.
With the grease you end up losing some of the wonderful flavor of this bacon sausage


We will buy these again.

Portion Size

Could be more portion size for the price. That’s my only complaint, but besides that, it’s very good bacon.

Stilton & Bacon Wrapped Dates

Kit sounded wonderful & prompted ordering. Ingredients were good (could have used larger cheese portion). However, this is such a flavor rich combination, dates sweetness overwhelmed the flavor of the bacon & cheese. So for me, the kit promised more than it delivered.

Smoked Lardons Box
Charles E Herron
Smoked lardons

When I was cooking the lardons I couldn't help but smell the enticing aroma inviting me to just take a little taste. My first thought was yum, will be great in my fresh green beans, I took another taste, mmm, will go nice in a fresh green salad, yet after another taste or sample I could see thus in my baked beans soon I realized I've eaten every bit. They are so good and goes well in any dish, even in cheese n beer soup, or just alone as beconey snack. In short I highly recommend unless you're a vegetarian.

Small Batch Bacon Box
Givens Denise

Small Batch Bacon Box

I thought that I we’re getting duck bacon, but it was pork, because of our health we don’t suppose to eat pork because of our health.


I love the Sample Pack as it let's you try the product before purchasing a large order. Amazing bacon.

As usual

The Baconer Bacon is delicious! This was the perfect box it had a little of everything. I'm getting ready to order the slab bacon. My family LOVES your bacon it never disappoints!!

Slab Bacon // Maple Sugar

XXL Bacon Steaks
Karl Kramer
Very Tasty, Very Expensive

Very tasty and very expensive. Fun to try.

XXL Bacon Steaks
Henry Timothy

Fairy good bacon I will order again

Bacon steaks

This Easter Holiday we chose to have the Bacon 🥓 Steaks for our meal!! 😋 Yum!!
I also used the Lardons for the green beans casserole, Delicious

Heavenly Bacon Ends

Delicious is an understatement! A must try!!

XXL Bacon Steaks
Robert Harriman
GREAT product!!

Nice touch sending the extra goodies!! fantastic bacon steaks!!! I will defiantly re-order!!