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Great Taste

Love the taste on my homemade bacon.

The best bacon ever

Treat yourself and family to an amazing taste experience of bacon!

Mega Bacon Box
Phillip Roselin

Mega Bacon Box

Bacon- the Best Gift (for yourself)

My first order was purchased as a gift for a friend. After rave reviews and profuse thank yous, I ordered the five pack for myself. I’m hooked. It’s so good and makes a great gift.

Smoked Lardons Box
David Veltman

Very tasty, but not worth the cost.

Candied Bacon Kits
Luciano GARCIA
Very good product

We tried this product with a dish we put together and it turned very out very tasty.

XXL Bacon Steaks
Bruce White
Tasty! However…

We tried our first of six packages of the salt and pepper bacon today after church. We were quite surprised when we opened the package, to find at least half of the bacon strips were 50% fat with minimal meat running through that portion. Was hoping for the price it would be more of a premium cut. Very tasty when cooked and would buy every month were it not for that issue. Our remaining packs are similar in what we can see, though they’re frozen.

The Baconer Sampler

I received my sample pack and was excited to try it. The maple bacon was tasty, but I would rather have sampled the regular bacon. I fell in love with the lardons! I used them in a spinach salad, and it was great! We just ate the remainder as a snack.


Bacon was good but not worth $28.00. Maybe it will be more popular in California!

Gift sent

Sent a Sample Pack to family in New York!! They just loved it and want more!!

Husband won't eat any other kind of bacon.

YUMMMM, says the old man!

XXL Bacon Steaks
David Herman
Taste like hotdogs

Way too salty

XXL Bacon Steaks
Gus Calleros
Great product

I've eaten these as "steaks" but also have now tried cutting into pieces for "burnt ends" with BBQ sauce and coated with a brown sugar sciracha and baked in oven and got a great response from friends.

Small Batch Bacon Box
Dean Randolph

Hands down, the best bacon I’ve ever tasted.

Candied Bacon Rub
Larry Marks
The bomb

Outstanding. I coated both sides and baked on a wire rack. Almost too much pepper but still great. Also put on brats before grilling. Definitely a winner.

Candied Bacon Rub
Mark Malloy

Love it

Candied Bacon Rub
David Harper
Not that Bacon Needs any help

Delicious, it's the new breakfast staple.

XXL Bacon Steaks
Kathy Elick

We loved the XXL Bacon Steaks. Will order again when the weather cools down.

The Bacon Lover // 5 Items

Candied Bacon Rub
Dwight TJornhom
Sweet meat

The only thing that could make bacon Better!!🥳

Candied Bacon Rub
Anne Coker
Not for me

I bought it for my brother so I havent tried it

This is not faking Bacon

100% Pure Deliciousness !!!

To die for... my husband says. I'm a vegetarian. He loves this bacon, especially the thick steaks. Great product, prices are high, but worth every penny. My only complaint is the shipping fees. Little spendy there.


Best bacon I ever had❤️

Uncured & Sugar-Free Bacon Box // 4 Items