Highest-Quality Sourcing from Farm to Table

Here at The Baconer, we got our start in the San Francisco Bay Area farmers markets back in 2016. Situated in the epicenter of farm to table cuisine, our goal is to create new ways to enjoy and cook with America's favorite food (ahem, bacon!) for a new generation of home cooks, chefs and photo-snapping foodies. We do this through responsible sourcing, chef-driven flavors and innovative cuts. We are revitalizing a stale category with something genuinely new. Our mission is to inspire our customers to cook amazing and delicious meals because everybody loves discovering that special ingredient you can't wait to get home and cook, especially when it's made of bacon!

The Best Bacon from

responsibly Sourced Pork

Humanely Treated

Naturally Raised

We source our pork through Premium Iowa Pork, a family-owned producer of all-natural, fresh pork and smoked pork products. For 100 years, they’ve been partnering with a community of family farmers who raise their pigs humanely on small family farms located in Iowa and Minnesota. Our relationship with Premium Iowa Pork and their extended family of local farmers ensures we can deliver the best bacon experience for our customers.