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The Strip Club - Monthly deliveries

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The Strip Club is a gift that keeps on giving, with new and tantalizing ways to enjoy the world's most beloved comfort food: BACON! Each shipment features one of our specialty butcher cutsarriving in two drool-worthy flavors that’ll have you waiting out front for the mailman on Bacon Day!


  • Each shipment includes the month's featured cut in 2 flavors
  • Exclusive access to test kitchen specials and first in line for new flavors
  • Bonus gift in Month #1, like a pair of super sexy J. Crew Eggs & Bacon Socks
  • Build your cooking library with recipe cards included every month
  • Price includes shipping within the contiguous U.S. (HI & AK may require additional shipping charges)

Customer Reviews

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Best Bacon You'll Ever Have!

Seriously, how great is it that I don't have to go to the store to get bacon? All I have to do is walk to my mailbox and there it is... my monthly shipment of amazing bacon from The Baconer. Every month I am delighted with what I'll find in my package. It can be a new flavor they are trying out, one that I've had before, or maybe it's not bacon strips and it's lardons. Whatever the case, I can't wait to fry it up in a pan and sit it next to a couple of eggs. WAIT! Who am I kidding? I never make it cooking the eggs. Bacon FTW!



Amazing Bacon!

We love this bacon!!!


Please note: In an effort to avoid unplanned weekend layovers in shipping warehouses, we ship orders Mon-Wed each week by USPS 2-3 delivery. Orders received after 5PM Tuesday will ship the following week. We ship our bacon frozen, wrapped in insulation along with additional frozen ice packs. If your package arrives thawed, do not be alarmed! This is normal, and you can rest assured it spent most of the trip very cold. More importantly, bacon is a cured, smoked and fully cooked product. It therefore is not raw meat, and does not need to remain frozen throughout transit the way other meats do. We recommend refrigerating your bacon upon arrival, or it can be refrozen without any damage to the quality.


The Baconer’s preferred method for how to cook bacon on the stovetop begins with a cold pan and the bacon or lardons laid out with just enough water to cover the bottom. Set heat to medium-high and simmer off the water, allowing the bacon to braise a bit before frying. After the water has cooked off, lower the heat to medium, and slowly crisp the first side. Once crisped to your liking, flip and finish the other side. This would be a good time to give in to the irresistible siren scent that has claimed countless bacon strips, devoured right off the pan before ever seeing a breakfast table. Go for it, no one’s watching.